International Journal of Particle Therapy | August 2021
Demonstration of the FLASH Effect Within the Spread-out Bragg Peak After Abdominal Irradiation of Mice

Tucker Evans, James Cooley, Miles Wagner, Tianning Yu, Townsend Zwart 


Medical Physics | June 2021
Spread-out Bragg Peak Proton FLASH Irradiation Using a Clinical Synchrocyclotron: Proof of Concept and Ion Chamber Characterization

Arash Darafsheh, Yao Hao, Xiandong Zhao, Townsend Zwart, Miles Wagner, Tucker Evans, Francisco Reynoso, Tianyu Zhao


Medical Physics | May 2020
Feasibility of Proton FLASH Irradiation Using a Synchrocyclotron for Preclinical Studies

Arash Darafsheh, Yao Hao, Townsend Zwart, Miles Wagner, Daniel Catanzano, Jeffrey F. Williamson, Nels Knutson, Baozhou Sun, Sasa Mutic, Tianyu Zhao


ASTRO | October 2020

Monday, Oct 26 12:50 AM | Science Center, Oral Scientific Sessions

FLASH Proton Irradiation Using a Synchrocyclotron: Proof of Concept

A. Darafsheh, Y. Hao, T. Zwart, M. S. Wagner, D. Catanzano, J. F. Williamson, N. Knutson, B. Sun, S. Mutic, and T. Zhao


Tuesday, Oct 27 11:45 AM | Innovation Hub

First Demonstration of the FLASH Effect Using the MEVION S250i and Future Development of Ultra-High Dose Rate Delivery Technology

James Cooley, PhD, Director of Advanced Development


PTCOG | September 2020
Time-dependent Dose Calculation for FLASH Treatment Planning

Tucker Evans, Townsend Zwart, James Cooley

AAPM  | July 2020
Feasibility of Proton Beam Delivery at Ultra-High Dose Rate FLASH Using a Gantry-Mounted Clinical Synchrocyclotron 

A Darafsheh*, Y Hao, T Zwart, M Wagner, C Catanzano, J Williamson, N Knutson, B Sun, S Mutic, T Zhao.